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New Concept, as the name implies, has devised a unique learner driver system that incorporates a holistic and relaxing approach to driving, which includes in car aromatherapy, meditation, flower essences and stress management techniques. 


The demands of everyday life leave many of us overwhelmed and stressed. Hectic work schedules, lack of sleep, poor diet and the demands of family and home responsibilities mean that stress related disorders are now a widespread and common feature of today’s society. And the increasing levels of road rage and accidents on the road are just two of the many symptoms of this ever-increasing problem.

At New Concept we believe that using in car aromatherapy during our driving lessons can do wonders for your sense of well-being and goes a long way in helping you to learn more effectively, pass your test and make you an altogether better driver.

By using pure essential oils, which are renowned for their healing capabilities and the capacity to enhance both physical and mental well-being, we are able to affect the way you react physically and emotionally to your surroundings. Research shows that our sense of smell has a huge impact on our perception as well as our mood. For instance a particular scent may remind you of a happy occasion or someone special in your life. In the same way a scent can elevate or deflate your mood. Oils known for reducing stress and anxiety include Lavender, Lemon and some Flower Essences, whilst Basil, Rosemary and Bergamot, are known for increasing concentration.


Meditation is also used as part of our driver system to help relax and reduce stress and tension from our pupils. It can help torelax the body and help with focusing one’s mind on a specific target or goalsuch as the practical test. It is also considered to be a great way ofrelieving stress and anxiety and is another service offered free to all ourpupils. We will teach you how to meditate when working towards your practical exam and will devise a specifically crafted system designed for the day of your test, allowing you to be completely relaxed and focused for its entire duration. 


We currently recommend Rescue Remedy products to our pupils who may be very nervous about taken their practical test. It is a natural product made solely out of flowers and helps to deal with any emergency or stressful event like taking a driving test and exam nerves.